Glitz and glamour, our guiding principle in gastronomy, is harmoniously combined with the events on the stages of the great opera houses. What distinguishes us is that the opulent design of the food and the elegant presentation of the wines mage the imposing stage sets

We have successfully implemented our guiding principle as gastronomic partners to the Hamburg State Opera House, the Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden and the State Opera House Unter den Linden.  We offer food and drinks of the highest quality standards.  The architecture of our bars, lounges and restaurants is just as extraordinary as the catering.

Weisser Schwan – Sülzetal bei Magdeburg

Own limited company 

Our own country inn with top cuisine / restaurant seating 65 / Weißer Salon 24 seats/ Roter Salon 50 seats/ hall 300 seats/ beer garden 1,200 seats 

Our own country inn, regional specialities - partly home grown, seasonal specialities, BBQs, events for up to 1,200 people

Manufacture der Gourmet - Sülzetal/ Hamburg/ Berlin/ Wiesbaden

Own limited company

Production and preparation of exclusive food, delicatessen, beverages and corresponding giveaways for the realisation of our own in-house events (Hamburg State Opera, Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin and Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden), and the design of exclusive catering at the highest gastronomic level, development of our own gourmet mail order business.

Hamburgische Staatsoper

Own limited company

One of Germany’s largest and best-known opera houses

400,000 visitors/ 1,671 seats/ 300 events per year

Winner of the catering tender, contractual general provider of all gastronomic facilities and banquet events, concept development and implementation.

In-house catering from 20 to 2,000 guests, incl.: BMW, Senate, Airbus, 50 Years Opera Foundation, "Der Faust” Awards